How to Guide

What you need to know about purchasing a firearm in South Africa

Steps to acquiring a firearm

Completed through certified training academy

Use a certified training academy to complete your firearm training for the categories of firearms you wish to own.
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Carbine
  • Rifle.
On successful completion of your competency training you will receive a certificate.

Completed at SAPS

Complete your SAPS 517 document
Two copies of your ID Document
Two copies of your Firearm Training Certificate
Proof of Residence
Two colour passport photo’s
3 Interviews with:
  • Family Member
  • Friend
  • Colleague/Neighbour
at your nearest police station.
Pay R80.00 when submitting your application

Completed at SAPS

Purchase a firearm of your choice
The Gun Shop will provide you with the SAPS 271 and the details of the firearms required for the application.
Complete SAPS 271 Documents
Two copies of your ID Document
Two colour passport photos
Motivation to own the firearm
Proof of Residence
Copy of SAPS competency certificate
Photo of your Firearm Safe.
Pay R166.00 to submit your application.

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